Ms. S

Ms. Tisa Spinelli is a middle school math teacher at AST. She arrived in Taiwan the same year she accepted a position at AST, in 2017……

Sophia Yu (’29) & Camilla Chen (’29)

AAIE 2023

Leadership conversations or workshops often make leaders reflect on their own practices and beliefs. So, we asked Dr. Brown to share what he thinks is a strength and weakness of his in education……

Grace Hung(’29) & Eason Hung (’29)

Dr. Michael Wiles

Dr. Wiles is AST’s performing arts teacher. He has been teaching in AST for 19 years already! He first worked at Taipei American School but he didn’t really enjoy the weather in Taipei very much. An opportunity came up here to be the music teacher at AST so he came here in 2004…..

Grace Hung(’29) & Andrew Huang (’29)

About Us

The Write For Delight Club is a student-initiated publication group dedicated to sharing individual writing work from the American School in Taichung community. The club’s goals are for students to publish their articles, write about what’s going on in AST, interview faculty/staff and/or write about traditions or interests they are passionate about. Students can write in both English or Chinese to showcase the diversity of our community.


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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras